BismillahirRahmaniRahim . Assalamualaikum , as an introduction which i shall make it short ; Name’s Ammar , 18 by 2012 , currently studying in As-Sofa Islamic College .
Now , let me begin with a little , short anecdote(if it could be categorized ) extracted directly from my experience here in this As-Sofa Islamic College .
It all started before i even finish my SPM .  I was getting ready with my ‘list of parties-to-attend after spm’ when my mom cried out loud , ‘AMMMMMAAAARRRRR!!!’ (she was downstairs and i was in my room) . I got shocked and straight away head downstairs .  I answered my mom with absolute polite(haha , betul okay) ‘ ye saya ibu , ada apa apa ammar boleh tolong ? hee’ . She then explained to me about this ‘MiftahulIlmi’ program in As-Sofa Islamic College . At first , of course i got upset and angry and sad and so much feelings blended in . She knew how i felt the second i changed my face but a mother’s a mother . She knew what had to be done . She let me be for a few days . She didnt even console(betul ke? tak sure) me . I was very very VERYYY emotional for the last few days of SPM . I felt so sad that i had to give up all my plans for the Grand Finale of my teenage life . All my plans were put to dust in a split second . How would you feel if you were in my shoe . Only God knows how much pain i suffered . hahaha , macam teruk sangat eh? lol . However , day past by and slowly i get back up and embrace my shortened Grand Finale of my teenage life . (hee , ayat tanak belaa ). TO BE CONTINUEEDDDDD…..heee,episode 2 esok !! dont forget to suscribe!! Assalamualaikum!