Hahaha , what a title ehh. LOLOL . Now , back to business . Eh jap , many of my followers ( 2 orang je) thinks that im too .. you know…speaking speaking nii .. haha , faham faham jela . SOOO , i decided kita rojakkan je eh? English wal Malay . hehe . OK, nowww lepas dapat tau i had to stay kat asrama , my dad got pissed kejap until i cooled him down with a nice glass of teh ais. Ais dia i yang buat . hehe (siapa faham sila like) . Then , saya redha je la . haha . My family took back the cooking utensils with a long long face , especially my dad . Sebab apa tau , actually dia rasional jugak . haha , makan kat sini i tell you memang terbaik . Nothing below Rm10 perday . At least Rm15 kot sehari , itupun kalau makan sikit . haha , and im a big appetite kinda person . Masak ah! lol . So , my dad keep telling me to request kat ustaz kalau kalau ada apartment . hee . In the end ada pun . So , my first week kat sini was a whole lot of fun and kinda tiring . But mostly fun . Haha . Kalau kata tak fun nanti …..hehe . Actually kan , theres way too many stuff nak diceritakan . So , i tell you what . I’ll tell you one by one aite  ? A story a day or a story a week k? I’ll start with ‘Suatu Hari di Alor Star(Tak tipu , betul)’ aite ? Soo , dont forget to follow or subscribe !! Ngee!!! Till we meet again . Assalamualaikum !