Ahhh , once again , thank you for following meee . haha . Okayy ,so where were we .. ahh , as day past by i began to forget the fact that i had to cancel my holiday plans . Finally , the wait has come to an end . It was the 2nd January , Monday in the year 2012 . I woke up at 5.30 , made my bed and prayed . My whole family got up early just to send me there . After breakfast at 7.30 , my mom started her ‘lecture’ for me . She reminded me a 1001 things for me to do everyday for my own good . Allah , i thank you for her . No one is more caring towards me other than her .
At 8.00 am we left our house heading  for Ampang , where this college is located . Oh , i forgot to tell you , before i came here , my parents dah ready for me cooking utensils so that i can cook here because we all thought that i will stay in an apartment . Hahahaha . Tengok tengok duduk asrama . DREAMS SHATTERED TO PIECES. lol . Malas la nak sambung . Next time la pulak eh .. TO BE CONTINUEEDDD… hehe